Today’s track of the day comes from Aussie garage rockers Animal House.  Their energetic, unsophisticated music is almost a combination of The Strokes and The Beach Boys, with a hint of Kings of Leon added in for good measure.

A truly stunning track, ‘Domino’ is taken from the energy-fuelled, infectious, and often humorous EP ‘Sorry’, a follow-up to the critically acclaimed single ‘English Girls’. Raw and often slurred vocals give the song an air of up-beat, drunken fun.

Distorted guitar, racing riffs, and a simple, catchy chorus come together to give the track an almost indie vibe, for a new take on the garage genre.  Clearly mimicking the band’s easy-going attitude to life, ‘Domino’ seems to be the much needed anthem for a young, drunken, happy-go-lucky generation.

GIGsoup were lucky enough to catch up with the band.

How was Animal House formed?

We met at a sunny beach BBQ in Queensland, Australia where we all bonded over a mutual distaste for beautiful sunshine. Hence we decided to move to England!

You’re originally from Brisbane, Australia, but have relocated to the UK.  What inspired this move, and how are you finding living in Brighton?

We were bored in Australia. Things were plodding along but we felt the urge to get out and massage our creative loins somewhere else. Being on Europe’s doorstep, UK was the obvious choice and it has been a good one.

To me, ‘Domino’ seems more raw and aggressive in style than your previous tracks.  How do you feel your latest EP compares to previous releases?

When we recorded Domino, we opted to do it more live. Rather than perfecting each part, the vocals are all one take, including all the crowd vocals which we did in the opposite room. We think it’s more energetic and a great reflection of our live show. The EP as a whole is not too different from previous releases. It’s high energy and upbeat and pretty stupid. Looking forward to releasing it!

Your style is slightly reminiscent of The Strokes, or even early Kings of Leon.  Are there any notable influences to your music?

Definitely when we started we all enjoyed those two bands and they had an obvious influence on our sound.

Do you have any particular creative process when writing or composing?

Generally we write songs live, together, whilst jamming, and Will finishes off lyrics whenever he can. The lyrics are pretty observational and Will gets a lot of his inspiration from just the general stupid but wonderful things he sees.  

If you had to describe your music in one phrase or sentence, what would it be?

Most music or genres in history are affiliated with some sort of drug. Ours is just alcohol. It’s plain and simple and dumb and fun.

Finally, are there any bands in particular that you’re listening to at the moment?

We listen to a huge range of music. I can hear Will listening to Fat White Family right now. We supported Broncho the other week, they’re really great.

BOOM! : Animal House ‘Domino’

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‘Domino’ will be released on 18th November 2016

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