Northern anthemic metal quartet Fail the Enemy have been very busy boys indeed over the past year, and it seems that their hectic schedule isn’t letting up any time soon. With fresh music to feast upon, and darting up and down the country blasting epic riffs into the hearts of the nation as we speak, we felt it only right to bring you the wonderful new single from these boys: ‘Embers’. 

GIGsoup’s Evie Myers caught up with Fail the Enemy to discuss their latest single and video for ‘Embers’, their plans for the rest of 2018 and how being introduced the right people can take you on the path to musical greatness.

Just to get us started, can you introduce yourselves and tell us how the magical journey of Fail the Enemy began?

Since forming in 2014, Fail The Enemy have been performing in the local scene [around the Leeds area]. After a couple of lineup changes, the band is settled as Nathan (lead vocals), Elliot (lead guitar, backing vocals), Bailey (drums, backing vocals/scream vocals), and Aiden (bass, backing vocals). As of September 2017, this lineup has been playing around the local scene and been gaining some great fans and friends, and working with some amazing people such as Donna from Rock Seen, and Nikki and Crilly from Ashestoangels.

If I’ve got a train to catch in 30 seconds, how would you describe the Fail the Enemy sound to me in that time?

It’s something that’s going to be stuck in your head for days. Really catchy power anthems.

Your latest single ‘Embers’ certainly is a bold and well-polished track! I love the anthemic riffs and erratic qualities it has to it, almost as if it’s all ready to burst out of amps in arenas. It’s mega! Can you give us a little insight to the track and the story behind it?

The story behind Embers is basically a journey towards hope and happiness and trying to find it. Sometimes the journey can be hard, hope can prove to be misleading, and truth is harder to accept. But you’re never alone on that road, as you are never the only one travelling on it. That in and of itself can prove to be salvation.

And for all those that love a little visual aid, you guys very handily created a video for Embers. Do you want to tell us a little about it?

There isn’t really much to say story-wise about Embers, but I think the video allowed it to be viewed in the sense that it’s a more dimensional thing in terms of story-line and meaning. This was quite great to see, in that the initial meaning of the song changed and evolved for individual people and perspectives. This allows people can derive their own meaning from it, thus allowing it to become more relatable.

How did the collaboration with Nikki Kontinen and Adam Crilly from Ashestoangels come about and how did this change the outcome of Embers and your journey as a band?

We met Nikki and Crilly through our Manager Donna, who booked us on a support slot with Ashestoangels in Manchester earlier this year. She has worked with them for years and she owns an artist development agency for unsigned bands called ‘Rock Seen’, in which she was working on a project with Nikki and Crilly to help produce and nurture new talent. We were the first band that they signed up. Nikki runs his own recording studio in Huddersfield and both he and Crilly have been putting us through our paces to be the best that we can be over the past few months. We have the best team behind us and we are excited for what the future holds for Fail The Enemy and Rock Seen.

And are you excited to tour with Ashestoangels later this month?

Extremely excited. This is gonna be Fail The Enemy’s first tour, and we couldn’t be happier that we’ll be supporting Ashestoangels alongside Kill The Silence, who are awesome, both as a band and people in general. With this lineup, you don’t want to be missing any of the shows, it’s going to be amazing. We’re actually sharing a tour van with Kill The Silence, which is going to be a good adventure to share, and a good way for us to bond with each other.

In such turbulent and testing times we seem to be existing in at the moment, what place do you think music has in the average person’s life?

Music is basically everything. There’s always something, no matter what mood you’re in, or what genre you’re into. Some songs can set the tone of your day, and there’s always something that you can relate to, like certain lyrics can match your own experiences or feelings.

What does the rest of 2018 hold for Fail the Enemy?

We have something up our sleeves that should be announced in the very near future. Be prepared for something amazing.

If you dig this latest track and would like to catch Fail the Enemy live in the flesh, then this is where they will be touring over the next month with Ashestoangels and Kill the Silence:

19th August – Exchange, Bristol
20th August – Heartbreakers, Southampton

21st August – The Forum, Tunbridge Wells
22nd August – Think Tank?, Newcastle
23rd August – Boston Music Room, London
24th August – Factory 251, Manchester
25th August – Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch
26th August – The Key Club, Leeds

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