Jake Thomas Turnbull has built up a collection of powerful singles the past year and his latest addition ‘Fire’ is no exception. Having moved out, he spent a year relentlessly playing shows after graduating from university. Now a resident in London, he decided to move here to break into the capital’s scene. It was his tenacity that led Jake to spend months staying in hostels and crashing on friends sofas so he could balance work-life, whilst playing numerous gigs around the capital.

We caught up with the emerging singer/songwriter to get the lowdown on his latest release ‘Fire’, the creative process behind it and things to look out for in the horizon.

What first inspired you to start writing music?

I first started writing music when I was getting into bands and duos when I was mid-teens. I really enjoyed the process of writing as a band which then led to me writing a lot of my own material. All of my own material has been songs that mean something, and about real life experiences, things I had to write about.

Tell us more about your time after moving from university to London, you were relentlessly playing shows in the capital.. Did your motivation for music grow since moving here?

During my last term at university i spent some time over in America playing with this country rock band, which didn’t go anywhere but it was good fun! Once I’d finished uni I just started writing a lot of songs. I wrote one song in particular which was something I had to write, and that put me on a frenzy of writing about a lot of stuff that had happened over the previous years. I then started gigging and playing open mic’s as much as possible, which lead me to moving down here. Since then my motivation has certainly grown. I’m always going to gigs, I love it and it certainly gives me even more motivation.

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Tell us a little about your new single ‘Fire, what are the lyrics about?

Fire was written about burning bridges with certain people, so that you can’t go back there again, as sometimes its for the best so you don’t have that option. The verse is all about how I’ve gone back time and time again, getting burnt every time, leading me to burn the bridge for good.

How did the production behind the song come together? Did the added background pad/synth sounds come much after the initial song idea?

After the song was written, I had an idea of how I wanted it to sound and where I wanted it to go. I guess I wanted to keep it quite simple but ensure it went big where it needed to. The producer I work with is amazing, he’s great at doing that and getting it to exactly how i want it to be.

What music influences being genres and artists, would you say you’re most inspired by?

My music taste is really varied, I always see Ed Sheeran and the likes as big influences on my songwriting, but I listen to a lot of tropical house music which has been quite a big influence recently, but I also listen to a lot of quite heavy rock, indie-pop, and whatever’s in the charts.

How do you think the video and song itself tie together?

The video is intended to show me reminiscing around the city, and to show the rush of emotions going on. We also decided to film it in this style because we thought it looked cool.

Have you learned to play instruments alongside guitar?

Yes, I also play piano and drums. I was classically trained from a young age on guitar and piano, and then I also went on to play a lot of Jazz which I love. Always fancied trying out the Sax but never got round to it.

How would you describe your live show performance to someone who was considering coming to a show? You readers should come to his next show on May 5th in Proud Camden!

Here is a little snippet from a review of a gig I played last year:

“For Jake, music is therapy. “I use songs to just get those emotions out, get them down on paper”. This shines through his performance as he stands alone, exposed and illuminated by a single spotlight. This is an artist who understands how to perform. Every word, feeling and thought is amplified through his appearance. This beautifully moving and captivating performance has proved Jake’s worth as a new and emerging artist.“

Can we expect new songs to be released soon? Maybe an EP or an album?

Yes! I have a couple more songs nearly ready for release, these were going to be put out as singles but I may choose to put them out together with some others as an EP instead


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