‘From White To Gray’ is the solo project of Cotswold-based musician Charlie Gray. With a flush of bright ideas his upbeat music style borders on the lines of electronic-pop and indie rock. The video to the track manipulates the viewer by teasing furniture as props for lavish show lights and this is all part of Charlie’s personal approach to his music. The same titled EP ‘When you Go’ is due to release early December and we can’t wait to wrap our ears around it.

We spoke to Charlie all about his creative side of music, studying and what next we could expect from him.. 

Tell us a little bit about your backstory into music, when did you first start writing and recording music?

I started playing guitar at primary school and then making music on computers using a programme called ‘eJay’ at secondary school. It was just mixing loops but I used to spend hours with friends on it during our music lessons. I then found Logic and starting singing in a band and went on from there.

Who are your influences in your music?

People who make the leap between electronic and pop or indie music like Tame Impala, SBTRKT, Tom Vek or Jungle.

Describe your music in four words for somebody who’s never heard it?

Electronic Pop Dance Music

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Do you think writing and producing music yourself will always be imperative to you? Or do you look to work with other producers and writers?

I’m currently studying an MA in Creative Music at Leeds College of Music and it’s heavily based around collaboration, so I am looking forward to collaborating with lots of talented musicians and taking on much more of a producer roll.

In the video for ‘When You Go’, the lighting correlated pretty well with the music. What was the idea for this and the concept behind the video?

The idea was to create as much movement and interest as we could without moving the camera an inch. We decided to use the lights as one of the elements of change throughout the video. My brother shot the video with the help of his friend and they were both physically unplugging and then plugging lights on and off on a huge plug bank along to the rhythm of the track. The next video for ‘Push and Pull’ off the same EP follows the same concept of a camera that doesn’t move.

Would you say you have a ‘DIY’ approach to your music?

Well I work alone, often in my own studio or bedroom and I write all the parts either electronically or recorded but always using a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). This can some what restrict creativity but it also forces the process by which I have come about my sound.

Your similarly titled EP ‘When You Go’ is out before Christmas, what can we expect from it?

It’s four tracks, which I feel are similar in their subject, style and feel. I wrote them all around a similar time and wanted to put them out together as I feel they work well together. Lyrically they all centre on a transition in my life from one place and group of people to another.

Looking onto next year, what’s the plan in the first few months?

Another EP! Which I have almost finished and am very excited about…

BOOM! : From White To Gray ‘When You Go’

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