Griff Lynch (of Yr Ods) releases his second solo single Don’t Count On Me on 10th February. Brimming with a light-hearted piano melodies and synths, its euphoric electro-pop almost disguises the knife-edged cynicism of the lyrics: Don’t cry for me, I wouldn’t cry for you, if I had feelings too.”

Don’t Count On Me follows the equally contrary debut single Hir Oes Dy Wen transl. Long Live Your Smile (December, 2016). Lyrically Griff describes it as a bleak “cocktail of deaths, breakups and boredom” but juxtaposed with breezy off-kilter layered beats. It’s a combination that GIGsoup refused to let pass them by and therefore we honoured it with todays BOOM! Track of the Day accolade

GIGsoup spoke to Griff ahead of the single release…
‘Don’t Count On Me’ is your second single and it has got our feet moving at Gigsoup! What made you want to release it as your second single and what is it all about?

I’ve had both ‘Hir Oes Dy Wen’ and ‘Don’t Count On Me’ on ice for a while, and they sort of capture a bunch of feeling I had whilst writing them. From the Euphoria of Wales reaching the semi-finals in the European Championship, to break-ups and loneliness.

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How would you describe your sound in 10 words to new fans?

Weird sounds and electronic beats, but essentially just pop music. (bang on 10!)

You have gone solo after previously fronting Welsh Band Yr Ods, what made you transition and how are you finding the transition also from band to solo?

Well I haven’t performed live as of yet so we’ll have to wait and see! But the process is quite similar really, because we all tend to write separate to each other in Yr Ods. Also I still get a lot of help from some members with the productions. Probably the worse thing is that you can’t blame someone else when something is shit.

Your sound could be described as electro-pop! Has this always been a genre you wanted to explore, would you be open to exploring more genres/cross-genres musically in the future? 

I fell quite naturally in to this genre because the way I record is very DIY and experimental. I listen to loads of psych, garage rock, and 80’s guitar bands, and maybe that comes across in the actual structure of my songs – they’re quite old fashioned.

Creatively, how do you gather your inspiration behind your music and what is your musical process? 

I always write my songs on an acoustic guitar, and record ideas on an iPhone. That’s how I’m most comfortable coming up with melodies. Melody is the most important thing for me, and then the challenge is to make that interesting whilst mucking about with different noises and beats in the studio. With lyrics, writing in Welsh comes much more natural to me because that’s my first language, and I can express myself better.

What can Griff Lynch’s fans expect from a live performance? And do you have any exciting gigs coming up? 

I have no gigs lined up as of yet. I’ve done a lot of touring, in crappy vans over the past few years, I’m quite happy in the warm studio for the time being! But if anything pops up I’ll let you know.

Is there any exciting news you would like to share that is happening for you in 2017? Any plans for an Album release?

I’m definitely aiming towards an album. I’m not rushing anything, but I’ll definitely release more stuff this year.

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