What’s better than listening to new music by an old favourite? Listening to new music by someone you’ve never heard before! In this series, Local Heroes, we’ll pulling back the covers on areas that might not get the attention they should. (Lead photo by Steve Tagg Randall – Footer photo by Niall Lea)

Seas Of Scarlet – Wakefield

Seas Of Scarlet bring a healthy mixture of symphonic metal industrial backing synths laced with vocals that take more from bands like Black Stone Cherry than Epica. Their music channels “four to the floor” riffs that are a vital backbone to heavy rock bands across the world with the cherry on the cake being the juxtaposed classic rock female vocals. They may not be breaking new ground but there is nothing wrong with taking what has already been done and doing it as well as what came before.

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Jaws – Birmingham

Formed in 2012 this four-piece Jaws released their debut album ‘Be Slowly’ in September 2014.

Don’t be fooled by their more laid back sound either: Jaws’ gigs are just as lively as any other, with mosh pits galore, that make not just their music, but their live performances seriously enjoyable. And the band aren’t just here for a good time. ‘Be Slowly’ was their first real mark on music, and the future looks to be a bright one for Jaws, with songs such as ‘NYE’ and ‘Cameron’ proving enough to turn anyone into a fan of the band.

Just Parsons – Bradford-On-Avon

Just Parsons is the stage name of James Parsons, a singer songwriter from Bradford-On-Avon who is going from strength to strength having released his first full length EP, It’s Parsons Time, this June. His soundscapes are rich, multi layered with warmth and texture. There is a gentle storytelling quality that draws you in, at once reminiscent of Nick Drake, Liam Frost and Laura Marling. Parson’s vocals have depth and versatility with a beautiful tone that wraps and folds around each song. Stand out tracks Young and Dumb, A Song to be Unnamed and Ashtray provoke a whimsical melancholy.

Lylo – Glasgow

From within Glasgow’s bustling DIY indie rock scene, Lylo stand out as band who’ve taken their time to hone a sound. Their debut album, ‘Handsome living’, is a woozy piece of dream pop that feels surprisingly polished and consistent for a band on a shoestring budget, with nostalgic saxophone motifs and an apathetic, hazy atmosphere that fuels the band’s evocative songwriting. The clear influence of indie goliaths like the Cure and My Bloody Valentine was slightly distracting, and at times the band’s reverb fetish left the actual songs feeling thin and nebulous. Still, Lylo’s focus means that they are one to watch moving forward.

Ella and the Blisters – West London

Sounding like traveling sideshow performers on a night off, getting hammered in a pub for their own amusement, West London’s Ella and Blisters are a whirlwind of gypsy punk, rockabilly riffs and accordion solos. Lead singer Gbs Romano whispers, screams, shouts and wails all in pitch as the Blisters keep in time and give us all a good knees up! Everything but the kitchen sink is on their debut album, and I heard a rumour that the sinks in the band too. Good vibes on a sink. Live they are a force of nature and nigh on impossible not to dance to. When this rag-tag band hit your town, make sure you see them as no one puts on a show like Ella and her Blisters!

Local Heroes #2 - Footer photo by Niall Lea

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