Towards the beginning of 2014 the Felte Label received an anonymous demo accompanied by a photo of three figures, faces covered like some sort of futuristic druids. The band in question are Mysteries and today we give you their debut track ‘Deckard’.

There’s a sense that the band would prefer to keep your focus on the music and not who they are, where they come from or what you might perceive them to be before hearing a single note. If you need glorious mug shots and preamble to capture your intrigue, then this is not for you. 

‘Deckard’ is a heady mix of clever synths and pounding drums that takes the music into the realms of rock music and further away from any genre requiring a plug. It’s certainly very different from anything currently available in the electronica circus.

Mysteries are set to release their debut album ‘New Age Music is Here’ on the October 28th,via felte. ‘Deckard’ is available as a free download from SoundCloud

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