This !!! (CHK CHK CHK) article was written by Jessica Otterwell, a GIGsoup contributor

Who – !!! (pronounced chk, chk, chk.) Have fun trying to talk to anyone about that.

Where are they from? They’re pretty well travelled, with an interchangeable line-up, split between Sacramento, California, New York City and Portland, Oregon.

What do they sound like? Like Aphex Twin, Daft Punk and Tom Vek have gate crashed a student house party and gone overboard on the ‘special punch’.

Songs to get you started: Intensify ( Chk, Chik, Chick – 2000), Must Be The Moon (Myth Takes – 2007), The Most Certain Sure (Strange Weather, Isn’t It? – 2010), Except Death (Thr!!!er – 2013), Gonna Guetta Stomp (All You Writers/Gonna Guetta Stomp – 2015).

What are they doing now? !!! have a new album out. As If will be released on October 16 on Warp Records.

Bonus Points Facts –

  • 2013’s Thr!!!er , features guest vocals by Sonia Moore, a one-time backing vocalist for MC Hammer.
  • The band have been publicly supportive of auto-tune and have used it themselves on most of their releases to date
  • Vocalist Nic Offer was originally a member of hardcore band, The Yah Mos
  • All the members have side projects, with former member, Tyler Pope having played with LCD Soundsystem and Cake.


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