Set deep in the Lancashire hills, Beat-Herder festival (15-17 July) is one for those who don’t want to be found. Those who don’t want to be found may well have good reason for this –  the line-up over the three (hopefully) sun-dappled days is one which is bound to melt minds. If you don’t believe this rather hyperbolic description, perhaps it pays to have a look at some of the highlights of the line-up for yourself.

Todd Terje

This man’s moustache is as memorable as his music, which is to say that the music is very memorable indeed. It’s so memorable that he’s been called the “king of summer jams” – so he’ll probably be hoping for a proper summer to jam to, rather than two inches of British rain. But you suspect that given the accolades this guy has received, with top DJ rankings left right and centre, he’ll be able to pull an entertaining jam no matter the weather. His own funk infused, disco worshipping beats will play an integral part of this, and rightly so.

A Guy Called Gerald

Hiding slightly further down the line up is one of music’s pioneers. From techno to jungle, this guy has been at the forefront of everything interesting to happen in the world of dance music in the last 30 years. His record box should reflect that, meaning that he’ll probably produce a set as eclectic as any other. Not to be missed, as much because of his status as a legend as anything else.

With this festival, as with pretty much any festival, it’s the weather which is the real headliner. But on the other hand this line up is interesting enough to keep you entertained through an Artic blizzard, obligating you to give the tickets page at least a look in.

Tickets are available here:

This Beat Hearder article was written by Ben Duncan-Duggal, a GIGsoup contributor. Edited by Zoe Anderson.

The Beat-Herder Festival Part One Preview

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