Electric Six’s latest album Fresh Blood For Tired Vampires is another electronic treat full of weird and wonderful synths. The band have been on tour in the UK promoting the album and enjoyed sold out venues throughout.
Unfortunately, due to a last minute technology problem GIGsoup weren’t able to review their show, but thankfully we managed to chat to the band about their latest release, tour and future works.

Your band’s unique quirky image is based on a vast culmination of different synthesiser sounds that you use to try and make every album different. With Fresh Blood for Tired Vampires being your 12th album, is there ever a point where you find it difficult to make something new and different, within the quirky sound genre itself? What challenges do you face? And how do you overcome them?

We don’t look at it as a challenge. We just find new synthesiser sounds. It’s Easy

You have been doing this a long time and the title of your latest album suggests that you guys might be getting a little tired. Is the end near? Or was the message to your fans that you are re-energising and there are plenty more years to come?

We got a couple of young boys to help push the wheelbarrow. We’re not tired. We’re younger now because of our young, hot rhythm section. That’s the whole idea. Maybe i’m in denial. But i’m bot gonna stop making music because people think i’m old and tired. I don’ think i’m old and tired. I got a couple of young boys to help me push the wheelbarrow.
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How easy was it for Two-handed Bob to join and integrate into the band? Why did you choose him? And Bob, how was making your first album with the guys?

Two handed Bob was the drummer for a band called Mighty Tiny that supported us a few times. They were pretty much my favourite support band we’ve ever had. When Percussion World left the band after ten years Two-handed Bob was his first suggestion and we wanted to respect his wishes. He did not play on the new album though … it’s all drum machines.

I’m so gutted that I’m not able to see your show tonight, how has the tour been so far? Most of the shows have been sold out so they must have created a great atmosphere, what is the show on April 22nd for?

We’ve had more sold out shows on this your than any tour in a good long while. We keep becoming more powerful.

Any other side projects and news for your fans?

I always love putting out the odd solo CD. Play is write pornographic novels. My next book should be out after the new year.

Musically, do you have any ideas of what will be your theme for next year?

We don’t really think about the next album tis January. This being December, i can tell you, i haven’t thought about it.

How does it feel to be in a place now where you have such a strong loyal fan base that actively support you by helping to find your projects  in comparison to the early days where most of the funding was from the record label?

It feels incredible. We do our own thing because of our fanbase. Couldn’t ask for more.

And lastly, how will you guys all be relaxing after your tour?

666 day detox.

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