When one takes a man born with a voice meant for rap strapped with a bass guitar, the results lead to Juice Wayne. A rapper with a rock side, this Midwest emcee is on the heels of his 2018 release, Consume Me, as he puts the final touches on his April 2019 release, Songs of Love, Hate, and Misunderstanding.

2018’s Consume Me came after a string of mixtapes from the Illinois rap-rocker. Featuring songs that have nice hip-hop flows with rock influences sewn in between like “If I Could I Would,” “Love Addicts,” and “Writings On The Wall,” it’s clear that listeners are in for a treat when Songs of Love, Hate, and Misunderstanding drops. His unique voice teamed with his bass skills are what took things to the next level on Consume Me and what will continue to make him stand apart from the crowd when Songs of Love, Hate, and Misunderstanding drops in April.

Juice Wayne doesn’t just go at this alone. He not only performs with his band Seven Deadly Sins but also with rap group Krazy Mizundastood Family (K.M.F.). Whether with either group or on his own, Juice Wayne is tearing things up when he hits the stage. He recently turned heads when he performed in his hometown on March 23rd. Once Songs of Love, Hate, and Misunderstanding drops in April, he plans on adding more dates to his schedule.

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