Following her recent signing to Danger Mouse’s label 30th Century Records, the Margate-via-London musician Thandii reveals the mesmeric music video for psychedelic single ‘Another One’.

And who better to tell you about the single and the video, than Thandii herself:

“Another One is written for cruising or traveling, without a place to be.

It’s a bit disco and a bit two-step. We were listening to a lot of downtempo late-70’s RnB and slow disco at the time. Things like Roy Ayers Ubiquity and an Idris Muhammed record called ‘Turn This Mutha Out’.  Also a record called ‘Afro-Harping’ by Dorothy Ashby. I really loved how hypnotic those tempos can be and what it brought out of me lyrically.

The song is about infatuation or addiction, particularly between people. I wanted to explore that moment when a person has succumb to the influence of another, and it has a powerful effect on them, but they’re completely unaware of it – or maybe they are aware of it but don’t want to accept it’s change on them. I’ve been caught off guard like that before.

Maybe it’s that moment when you’ve met someone, but you don’t know how much you want them, or if they even want you, so there’s this cat and mouse thing that happens or some weird power struggle – playing games where no one ends up the winner. Then signals are misread or misinterpreted and snowball into bigger feelings that come out in spectacular ways that might surprise you and those that know you.   The song is set in the immediate aftermath of one of those outbursts, where you’re left with your head spinning asking yourself ‘Wtf just happened?’

Tom Dream, the director of the video picked up on that moment and echoed it with a wandering, slightly disorientated, dazed & confused cruise through different situations in day-to-day life. Whether that be out walking on a typical windy day on the coast, or at a roller disco in the evening. This backdrop then channels the idea of trying to reconcile a relationship in any number of unpredictable situations as you lucidly two-step through your day, not knowing where any of it is going.”

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