Scandinavian avant noise-pop duo have unveiled their first ever single, 10 years after the inception of the band. And while very few things are worth waiting a decade for, this is certainly an excellent slice of math-pop.

Anton, from the band explains: “Atomic Spectroscopy was built around a guitar riff that goes through a lot of weird time signatures, but we started to look at it as just quarter notes. From there Christian played completely random drum sounds, but in time, and then we sprinkled some randomized electronic drums on top of that, resulting in a pretty wild beat. 

For the vocals we used our own voices mixed with a synth sound. Japanese speaking people might hear some badly Google-translated Haiku lyrics in there.”

The debut album is coming out via new imprint Ace Tunes on 19 October. If this first taste is anything to go by, it’s going to be a wild trip. Check it out below:

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