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After a 15 year wait, Jeff Lynne’s ELO are set to release a new album ‘Alone in the Universe’ on November 13th via RCA records and is the next step in Lynne’s musical career which started when he first picked up a guitar in 1963. ELO returned to the musical arena last summer with an appearance in Hyde Park as part of BBC Radio 2’s “Festival in a day” concert and hints of an album in the pipeline were made then.

`When I was a boy’ will be the first single to be lifted from the iconic band.

The 10 track album consists of:-

‘When I was a boy’

‘Love & rain’

‘Dirty to the bone’

‘When the night comes’

‘The sun will shine on you’

‘Ain’t it a drag’

‘All my life’

‘I’m leaving you’

‘One step at a time’

‘Alone in the universe’

‘When I was a boy’

ELO announce new album 'Alone in the Universe'

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