Radiohead have announced an expanded reissue of their seminal album ‘OK Computer’ in celebration of the its 20th anniversary. The flames of speculation on a possible reissue of the album were first sparked when artwork inspired by ‘OK Computer’ appeared in streets of major cities; and were further stoked yesterday when a cryptic video hinting at the release was posted to the band’s facebook page. Official confirmation of the reissue was given today upon the release’s announcement.

Subtitled ‘OKNOTOK 1997 – 2017’, the reissue expands the original album by including all 8 B sides from the era in addition to 3 unreleased songs from the album’s sessions. In addition to the enlarged track-list, all songs are remastered from the original analogue master tapes. ‘OKNOTOK’ will be released 23rd June on triple LP and double CD, with early birds also having the option of a blue vinyl version limited to 3000 copies. Dedicated Radioheads can also shell out £100 for what the band are imaginatively calling the “Boxed Edition”, a sumptuous set featuring a hardback book, a 104 page replica of Thom Yorke’s notebook and a 48 page sketchbook of “preparatory work” for the album. Also included is a mix-tape of rarities from the Radiohead archive, with high quality downloads of the tape included for those who don’t have a walkman handy.

Radiohead’s website has had an ‘OK Computer’ themed makeover, check it out here.

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