Premiering yesterday morning on BBC’s Radio 1, British producer and DJ, Four Tet, released a new song called, ‘Two Thousand and Seventeen’. Ever since the 2015 release of his ambient-house, minimal-techno album, ‘Morning/Evening’, Four Tet has been keeping a low profile releasing occasional remixes on Soundcloud. His new song bites elements from his early albums like ‘Pause’ and ‘Rounds’, but offers a refreshing twist of ambience that may serve as the first look of new Four Tet tracks to come. 

Stylistically, the new track incorporates delicate melodies and swirling electronics that harken back to his previous material. Four Tet uses blissfully decadent instrumentals, vibrant electronic components, and a swelling bassline to offer a uplifting, mellow listening experience. Though the title might suggest a politically charged track, an area Four Tet entered earlier this year with a mix protesting Trump’s muslim ban, it is surprisingly downtempo and reserved.

‘Two Thousand and Seventeen’ ventures into the subgenre of, “folktronica”, a niche area incorporating mechanical dance beats and acoustic elements. Though it seems inherently contradictory, Four Tet cooly combines twangy instrumental samples and gentle hip hop dance rhythms which offer a soothing, new age sound with future-facing potential. 

Four Tet, who notoriously keeps out of the public eye, revealed on Radio 1 that he “has been making music for the past 10 months.” He did not specify what project he was working on, but fans are hopeful this means a new album is imminent. Even though this is the first taste Four Tet listeners have gotten in awhile, this single could very well be a sign for an upcoming, full-length studio album.

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