Frontman of the alt-rock band Diesel Park West, John Butler has this week just released a special re-mastered vinyl reissue of his 1997 solo album, The Loyal Serpent.

At the time, the album earned critical appraisal with influential music magazine Q Magazine giving it a 4-star review and labelled it an ‘intoxicating alchemy of Celtic-like passion’. However, despite the hype, it was overlooked by the general public and album sales were modest. This new release comes from Palo Santo Records, an independent record label based in Dallas.

The Loyal Serpent opens with Wings of The Morning and sets the tone for the rest of the album with an optimistic and uplifting instrumental contrasted by gloomy lyrics as the singer tries to remain positive in face of a harsh reality.

This version has three bonus tracks, which weren’t included on the original release. The catchy number Love It is a stand out track; it has a timeless appeal and sounds like a ready-made radio single with a catchy chorus and dance along instrumental.

When it was first released over 20 years ago, The Loyal Serpent was overlooked, but will the audience of 2018 win this album the recognition it so deserves?

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