Grammy nominated band Bernhoft & the Fashion Bruises’ have released new single ‘Humanoid’. 

Having been nominated for best RnB album at the Grammys, appeared on Ellen and Conan and been featured by the likes of NPR, The Guardian and Rolling Stone, Bernhoft & the Fashion Bruises must be doing something right. ‘Humanoidtaken from the forthcoming album of the same name (released August 24th) is an attempt to reconnect with humanity in a world overrun with technology.

Bernhoft tells us “so much current music is computerized and machinelike. I felt like I should go the other way and create human music again. It says something about the man-and-machine relationship. You’ll see people at dinner or in a café staring at their screens and not acknowledging each other. I’m trying to find people, but I can’t see them behind their screens.”


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