London based, Swedish vocalist Emilia Martensson shares the beautifully tender ‘Weariest River’ from her upcoming LP ‘Loredana’, a nostalgic journey through the adversity and wilderness of the term ‘Mother’.

Enriched with Emilia’s exquisite vocal talent, the track ripples with gentle guitar patterns and soothing brass melodies – the isolated rhythm feeling deeply personal and intimate. Written by Jamie Doe of The Magic Lantern, the Australian artist’s thoughtful lyricism is an introspective introduction to Emilia’s forthcoming project, celebrating the infinite interpretations around the ‘mother – child relationship’.

“When I told Jamie about my idea to write an album where I celebrate and explore the adversity and wilderness about the term ‘Mother’, he went home and wrote the most beautiful song for his own mother” Emilia explains.

“His songs sing to me. I am moved by them to a point where I have to sing them. ‘Weariest River’ to me is about showing gratitude towards my own mother at a time where she was caring for my late grandfather. It was written at a time where I needed to sing it the most and I am so grateful to Jamie for letting me do my own rendition of his very personal and uniquely stunning song.”

‘Weariest River’ is a compelling introduction to Emilia’s latest body of work, proving her ability to curate thoughtful, complex music infused with her Scandinavian heritage.

Tune in below.

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