New album ‘Nearer My God’ is due out on August the 10th via Triple Crown Records.

Today, Foxing have released their new song ‘Nearer My God,’ the title track from their forthcoming record out August 10th.

Five different versions of ‘Nearer My God’ have been announced. The first, and the one that appears on the album, spotlights the classic delicate-to-desperate delivery fans have come to expect from vocalist Conor Murphy; an aching tale of an artist’s most honest vulnerability. The four that follow express the same sentiment in an equally moving manor, but they’re performed in Spanish, French, German, and Japanese.

Listen to ‘Nearer My God’ in English, below:

“The language idea started as a “wouldn’t it be cool” thing that just kept going. The whole point was to put in a fraction of the effort that most international artists put it. The goal was to show respect and appreciation. Each step was difficult because we wanted to get it as right as possible and my only knowledge outside of English is some high school French. Each of the four foreign languages had its own set of difficulties but, after working with 70ish translators and friends for a few months, we’ve got one song in five tongues.” 

Strangely enough, ‘Nearer My God’ was actually on the chopping block as the band was nearing the end of recording with producer Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie, The Decemberists). “I kept zeroing in on it as something that had a lot of emotional weight and felt really relatable to me,” Walla told Stereogum in an interview last month.


Foxing’s discography, including their 2013 breakout debut The Albatross, is one that can be slow-moving but with purpose. Nearer My God took the band nearly three years to complete, but that time was well-spent re-focusing on the future of Foxing. What preceded Nearer My God’s newfound energy was the emotional and physical fatigue that came from years of their relentless drive.

Their last album, 2016’s Dealer, helped push the St. Louis group to entirely new heights; Pitchfork instantly dubbed it “an artistic triumph,” it debuted at #3 on Billboard’s best-selling vinyl chart, and the band spent nearly 2 years off and on the road in support of it. The patience pays off, though; Nearer My God feels like an entirely refreshed Foxing, even if they never really needed much refreshing in the first place.

Created over the course of nearly three years, Nearer My God was produced in St. Louis and Montreal by Walla and Hudson, with additional help from Joe Reinhart (Hop Along, Modern Baseball).

It’s a post-apocalyptic melodrama about control in a world that really, really feels like it’s falling apart. Expertly-executed by vocalist Conor Murphy, guitarists Eric Hudson, Ricky Sampson, and Jonathan Hellwig on drums, Foxing shines their collective brightest on this record, especially on tracks like ‘Grand Paradise,’ ‘Gameshark,’ and ‘Heartbeats.’ Here, they combine elements of anthemic indie rock, avant-garde R&B, classical and more to create some of their most original and strongest material yet.

Foxing will be in the UK + Ireland co-headlining with Pianos Become The Teeth and support from Kamikaze Girls throughout this August including a set at Bristol’s Arctangent Festival.

Thurs 9th – Bush Hall, London
Fri 10th – Bush Hall, London
Sat 11th – The Haunt, Brighton
Sun 12th – Rebellion, Manchester
Mon 13th – Whelans, Dublin
Tues 14th – Stereo, Glasgow
Wed 15th – The Cluny, Newcastle
Thurs 16th – Arctangent Festival, Bristol

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