The captivating and mature sound of Sweden native Isak Danielson on his new single ’Always’ shows an old soul in a young man’s body and a talent reaching beyond his years. His voice has drawn parallels to both Anthony & The Johnsons and Hozier, but it stands out perfectly by itself as a new, measure on its own. The new single follows Danielson’s breakthrough with track ’Ending’ being featured in Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger which has pushed his Spotify stream count to over 10.6 million.

The success of ’Ending’ came after somewhat of an organic discovery. Maddie Ziegler, the young dancer in many of Sia’s videos, including ’Chandelier’ participated in a dance class with choreographer Talia Favia, who had found Isak’s song ’Ending’ and choreographed it. When Maddie shared a small clip to her 13 million followers on instagram, things took off speedily for the track. ’Ending’ reached last year’s season of American “So You Think You Can Dance”, where two of the participants performed an emotional dance to Isak’s song. Isak now receives clips from various dance classes all around the world, where professional dancers perform to both ’Ending’ and several other of his songs.

The track got another push when it was heard in the emotional, five minute closing scene in episode 8 of Marvel’s Cloak And Dagger July 19, 2018. This gave him a lot of attention all around the world, and made him the 84 most Shazam’ed artist in the US during that week.

’Always’ was written together with Kristofer Östergren (ex Melody Club) and Olle Blomström and is a sentimental rustic song about unrequited love. The feeling and depth in the voice and acoustic guitar might also remind us of the first time we heard Jose Gonzalez emerge from Sweden with a fragile yet broad tone to go on to world domination. On the single, Isak comments: ”This song is the most happy I’ve ever been in my music. It’s about a beautiful girl who got my attention but didn’t give me any back… Will we be “always?”.

Isak Danielson’s debut album is scheduled for release on 19th October 2018.

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