Brand new collaborative project Majestic Minds, featuring producer Haides and singer-songwriter Marlie, have just shared their debut single ‘Oxygen’ and its undeniably addictive.

Opening with whirring, melodic beats and Marlie’s slick, soulful tones, ‘Oxygen’ hypnotises instantly. As the chorus begins with woozy electronics, soaring vocals and a truly infectious driving beat, Haides’ UK dance influences are out in full force. Fans of MJ Cole and Artful Dodger will feel at home here.

The duo’s working relationship sparked into existence when Haides transformed Marlie’s emotive ballads into an uptempo track. The twist on the song created a buzz, inspiring them to set aside a week to get in the studio to see what they could concoct. Whilst bonding over a mutual love and appreciation for UK dance music they created a fresh batch of ideas, the basis of what would soon become Majestic Minds’ debut EP.

‘Oxygen’ is out now.

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