If you’re up for some summer fun to beat the heat, Nashville’s R&B / pop outfit Marquee Mayfield have the perfect hit for you to dance along to with their new single “Feelin’ So Blue“! Released today, the track and its accompanying music video bring together an insatiable, upbeat pop hit, full of delicious hooks, alongside a quirky and comical video that explores the wild side of human and animal nature. As B-Sides & Badlands, who premiered the video, commented, it provides a “hilariously-on-point safari-style trek through suburban America.” A departure from the band’s typical sound, “Feelin’ So Blue” provides the perfect energizing soundtrack for your summer expeditions.

Blending a variety of influences, Marquee Mayfield brings together a fusion of upbeat pop, R&B and soul grooves, along with a bit of disco and funk to the party, for a smash of guaranteed good times. Commenting on the new single, vocalist Andrew Glass shared, “It’s our take on a throwback soul tune. Stax, motown, etc. Lots of bands are doing the soul throwback sound as a full-time niche these days, incorporating horns and more of a raw sound that you’d hear on those Otis Redding, Al Green, Wilson Pickett records. That’s been done time and again, and there’s plenty of artists/groups doing that well. This is definitely a one-off. Marquee Mayfield has always been more of a funk band and the new album we’re working on right now stays in that vein but incorporates more disco, new-wave and synth-pop elements. Our sound is evolving, but that doesn’t take away from what this song is – which is a just a fun, upbeat, poppy soul tune.”

As displayed through the video, the band isn’t afraid to show their fun-loving weird side to stand out from the crowd. Glass shared, “I wanted to do something completely unique & different than I’d done before for this video. I wanted the video to paint of picture of where Marquee Mayfield is headed musically, but more importantly, visually. Most of all I wanted it to be bright, colorful and have a storyline or theme, while also being funny and clever.” Presented in the style of a mocu-mentary nature show, the video showcases the often strange mating rituals of animals, taken on by desperate humans trying to get a date. The irony comes that as strange or funny as they may seem, human dating, flirting, and mating behavior isn’t much different. The band collaborated with videographers Solar Cabin, based in Nashville for the storyboard and filming process.

Originally recorded during the band’s last album Save the Night (2017), “Feelin’ So Blue” was held to be released as a one-off single, as it deviated from their typical sound and didn’t fit with the rest of the release. The track was written by Glass and Marquee Mayfield’s guitarist Adam Korsvik, who is featured on the slide guitar solo. “When listening back in the studio, it was clear that this tune had a lot of pop sensibility & appeal,” shared Glass. After chopping down its length, he worked with producer Blackcat Sylvester in post-production to bring the song to its current state. “You’ll notice some distortion effects on my voice at times, somewhat like I’m yelling through a megaphone. We also put a heavy dose of reverb on the guitar solo to give it that big spacious sound. I think these are nice little touches that add character to the recording.”

Marquee Mayfield are currently working on their next album, planned for release next year. “Feelin’ So Blue” can be found on all major digital retailers today, including Spotify and Apple Music. The band has a number of upcoming shows across Tennessee and the southeast U.S.

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Saturday, August 11 – Tomato Arts Festival – Nashville, TN
Friday, August 31 – Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN
Friday, September 21 – JJ’s Bohemia – Chattanooga, TN
Tuesday, September 25 – Terrapin Brewery at Suntrust Park – Atlanta, GA
Saturday, October 27 – Dead Disco Halloween at The Back Corner – Nashville, TN


“Dance-Floor-Facilitators”, that’s how front-man Andrew Glass describes the upbeat conduct & energetic attitude of Nashville pop R&B outfit, Marquee Mayfield. “We keep the party moving,”says Glass.It’s a new form of funk, with a flair of fetish for the past.”Who doesn’t love those classic theater marquees with the big bright bubble lights? I’ve always been inspired by Curtis Mayfield and I love alliterations,” says Glass, about the creation of the group’s name.

While there’s no one named Marquee or Mayfield in the band, there’s a traveling cast of 8-10 flooding the stage with Glass, creating those overdoses of soulful melodies mixed with funk-frenzied grooves and disco dance-floor inspired themes. In the songs, you hear a modern mind, richly versed in the old school of soul and smitten by the large R&B/funk acts & pop-disco productions of the 70s & 80s. While still paying homage to the legends of the genres they hold so dear, Marquee Mayfield showcases the evolution of a group that has found their own unique voice.

From the heartfelt, blue-eyed soul croonings, to the luscious horn lines & silky-smooth bass riffs, you can hear Glass & his crew of funkster-romantics channeling their love for an era gone by with a contagious spirit that catches you and proves relevant for today. Glass summarizes, “You should feel something. This music should move you – both physically & emotionally.”