Tall, dark, and elusive, the crooning baritone of Fibs’ frontman Preston Newberry bellows like smoke hanging above a frigid night sky in some old, broken-down industrial side of town; rising like steam from dripping gutters bathing in shadows cast by abandoned yet indifferent stacks of brutalist brick.

“Cut off my hands/ so I won’t write this song / Tell me what you like / and I’ll tell you how you’re wrong.”
So goes “Cut Hands,” the second track from the self-titled, sophomore album by this Fort Worth, TX based dark-wave quartet.

Fans of the band’s dark, demented, and more notably lo-fi 2014 debut, Hex Hex Hex, will notice a slicker analog production style, along with brighter, poppier moments sprinkled throughout the record, such as on the surfy, doo-wop inspired tone of the album’s penultimate track “Sapphire Eyes”.

“Simply Divine” starts with a spacey, acid-trip intro chased by dramatic vocals reminiscent of Bauhaus. This track is dripping with post-punk edginess. The guitar solos are lit, the chorus is sick, and overall, this is a kick-ass jam. The Fibs is out today, via Dreamy Life Records.

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