This Tigercub article was written by Sarah Gosling, a GIGsoup contributor

Tigercub’s new single ‘Pictures of You’ from the upcoming ‘Repressed Semantics’ is something of a Punk-psychedelic-Grunge-dark-Blues-Rock kinda track. Stick with this; broadly speaking it’s Rock, but this Brighton trio’s more tricksy than a seaside carnival salesman.

After lulling you into a false sense of security with a darkly melodic Jeff Buckley like vocal and guitar line, the track takes your complacency and fires a guitar driven grunge-grenade into it. Then before your heart-rate and ears have a hope of adjusting, the grind drops out to be replaced by smooth vocals and drums so capable of holding not only a beat but the whole track that it becomes almost Trip-Hop like.

Haunting, genre-defying and mostly bloody ingenious, it’s not just good jungle sense to say we’d all best keep our wits about us where Tigercub are concerned.

Repressed Semantics’ is released 27 November via Venn Records.

'Tigercub' release new single ‘Pictures of You’ from upcoming LP ‘Repressed Semantics’

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