Norwegian hardcore band Veislakt is gearing up to their biggest release ever (coming out on Rob Mules Records) – a concept album telling the story of a circus coming to town, including alcoholic Russians, big fires and chaos!

This fall it is time for Veislakt’s third album, Sandnes Undergrunn Circus & Kabaret. Releasing September 7 on Rob Mules Records. This is a conceptual plot of metal, more metal than before, but more experimental than that of previous releases. You get served the musical story of the circus that has a human-lover lion, three alcoholic Russian clowns, where two of them fight for the favors of a big, bearded lady. There are elephants in chains, violent slapstick humor and an otherwise confused ensemble.

Release date: 7 Sept 2018

LP, LP red, CD and MC. Order your copy here!

Track listing:

  1. Sandnes Undergrunn Circus & Kabaret
  2. Alle Mann Alle
  3. Franz, Frank & Han Andre
  4. Klovnene
  5. Øynene
  6. Blod I Manesjen
  7. Lyse Dagen
  8. Skammen
  9. To Alkoholiserte Russere
  10. Tro & Håp
  11. Inferno

The Jærcore band Veislakt (English translation: Roadkill) from the Greater Stavanger Area. Veislakt is an energic and hard-hitting Jærcore band that plays a hybrid of punk and hard rock in their local “Jær”-dialect, with a predilection for double pedals. Veislakt started as a one-man project by vocalist and guitarist René Undem in 2013, and released the EP Hommersand EP in March 2014.
The EP received positive reviews and radio time on Norwegian radio channel P3, where it topped the “Urørt”- music chart for independent and unsigned artists and remained in the top 3 over several weeks. Music journalist Asbjørn Slettemark said: “It makes me wish I was 15 again and about to do something illegal my parents didn’t know about. Veislakt released two more album in 2015 and 2016, Lithium Og Aent Smågodt and Fumar Mata.

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For more news, check out Rob Mules Records.

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