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Taylor Swift isn’t usually a name associated with classic rock. In fact, compared to the American-born pop-sensation, known for vitriolic songs about her ex-boyfriends, Winnie the Pooh himself seems relatively rock ‘n’ roll. Over the weekend, however, the ‘Bad Blood’ singer managed to call not one, but two members of rock royalty onto the stage with her.

On Friday night, Swift was joined by Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, complete with aviators and the scarf wrapped around his microphone which, in his more hedonistic days, Tyler used to keep full of his narcotics of choice- Quaaludes and Tuinals. His performance with Swift was, however, much more PC, with the two singing the Aerosmith classic ‘Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing’, a choice doubtless tailored (excuse the pun) to Swift’s pop-oriented clientele.

The show did get slightly rockier last night, however, when Swift was joined by none-other than Mick Jagger, with the two performing a duet of The Stones’ hit ‘(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction)’. Whilst the duet worked well, the vocal performance was somewhat eclipsed by the comedy value of the spectacle itself. Whilst Swift, dressed in black leather and large heels strutted seductively around the stage, Jagger, who stands at a modest 5ft 10”, continued with his own inimitable stage craft, jumping around like an excitable young football fan, and seemingly forgetting that he wasn’t at just another Rolling Stones gig.

Although Swift has gained somewhat of a reputation for bringing out big-name artists to accompany her during her “1989 tour”, the addition of the names of Steven Tyler and, particularly, Mick Jagger, to this list has taken it to new heights. What the respective fans of the two rockers make of these appearances is another matter, but it will be interesting to see if any other famous rock-names decide to follow suit.

Taylor Swift duets with rock royalty

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