This Blink-182 article was written by Ben Whitfield, a GIGsoup contributor

Mark Hoppus would make a terrible serial killer. His clues are too obvious. Any gnarled old detective worth his salt would figure him out and have him jailed by sundown. Luckily he’s not a serial killer, (as far as we know!) he’s the bassist of sugar-punk forerunners Blink-182 and the clues he’s been dropping on Instagram seem to point to one obvious conclusion: Blink are back.

The much publicised dismantling of the band that came about late last year with the departure of founding member and lead guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge, this appeared to spell the end of Blink-182 but they agreed to fulfil their festival commitments using stand-in guitarist Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio fame. Fans of the band assumed this was a one-off and as soon as these shows were finished Blink would announce some sort of indefinite hiatus, but now, ten months later, photos are appearing on Hoppus’ Instagram page of not-so-cryptic  scribblings about ‘drum fills’, ‘feedback’ and ‘lead guitars’ hinting at the impossible; a new Blink record sans Tom DeLonge. This theory gathered more traction as more photographs appeared, most tellingly a shot of Skiba himself strumming away at a Fender with a pile of notes in front of him and a cup of coffee beside him.

Could this be a seventh studio album? Or just Mark and Matt doing what they love to do, playing music? Blink fans wait with baited breath.

The Return of Blink-182?



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