This Enya article was written by Kelly Crichton, a GIGsoup contributor

Enigmatic Irish musician Enya has hinted at a possible tour, coming off the back of the release of her new album ‘Dark Sky Island’. This album has been three years in the making and seven since her last studio album ‘And Winter Came’.  A tour to support the new album would be the first the internationally successful performer has ever embarked upon.  Speaking to BBC Breakfast, Enya compared her voice to an instrument which creates a “wall of sound” and said any live performance would encapsulate a “…different rendering of the music.” She said to perform the new album would be “so wonderful”.

In the intervening years between records Enya has been involved in other projects including recording songs ‘Aniron’ and ‘May it be’ for ‘The Lord of the Rings; the fellowship of the Ring’ film and soundtrack.

Her eight studio album has been receiving positive reviews in the crowded pre-Christmas market. ‘Dark Sky Island’ reinforces Enya’s brand of timeless new age folk. Details of any upcoming performances or tours have not yet been released. ‘Dark Sky Island’ is out now via Warner Bros.

Dark Sky Island is out now on Aigle Music

Enya hints at first ever tour

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