With the long awaited induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame last month some of the band were interviewed on KISW this week. Mike McCready and Stone Gossard provided a major update on Pearl Jam’s next album.

Asked in the interview by a fan via Twitter, “Any chance that anybody has a chance to see Pearl Jam play live soon?”

Stone replied, “What did we say last time?”

Mike responded, “I’ll let Stone do the diplomatic answer on this one, because he’s better at it.”

Stone added, “I would say yes, there’s no plans though right now. We’re trying to write right now, and make a record. We’re trying to write some new songs, we’re pretty focused on hometown hanging. So, we’ll get in some shows here.”

Pearl Jam last released Lightning Bolt in 2013, and have toured intermittently since. So when the Seattle DJ mentioned that when a new album comes out, shows always follow with Gossard added, “Absolutely.”

So does this confirm that PJ will be back to rock the stage to send crowds into epic delirium in the very near future? Fans are certainly hoping so.

With Live Nation and Pearl Jam’s manager Kelly Curtis teasing the possibility of a residency at the Seattle’s KeyArena, fans may get a chance to see them on a more regular basis.

If you can’t wait any longer, you could get a PJ fix this summer. Eddie himself starts his Solo Tour on May 27th starting with a three date visit to Amsterdam. Tickets are all but sold out for these events with most tour venues selling out in as fast as 15 minutes, but you might still get lucky.