Nashville-based ‘junk jazzers’, Uberphonics take us into the studio with their new video, which catches the group performing their track “Body Buzz”, during the sessions for their upcoming Apogee album.

“Body Buzz” is a laid-back textural workout that gives space for each musician to shine. The video is shot in-studio at Jay’s Place on Music Row in Nashville, TN and is a great visual insight into this band’s unconventional creative approach.

Matt Jaggers shows his unique technique where he plays the theremin and his guitar at the same time, running the Theremin through delay and a sitar pedal to create a rich tonal soundscape. Stephen Hopkins plays a Warwick 6 string fretless bass. Griffin Criste plays drums and synthesizer at the same time, alternating back and forth between the 2 instruments.

Uberphonics’ Apogee album is out on 8/31. CD pre-order available here.


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