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Easily their best album since turn of the 00’s, it seems as if Incubus have found form in tracks such as ‘Nimble Bastard’; ‘You are No Fun’; ‘Throw out the Map’; ‘Loneliest’ and ‘Undefeated’, but they aren’t breaking barriers with this release

It’s been five years since Incubus released ‘If Not Now, When?’, their last full album. ‘8′ sees Brandon and boys find a similar sound to that of the late 90’s.

Their best Album since early 2000…..?

The Californian Rockers have made what could be their best production’. The lead single “Nimble Bastard“, released in February, was greeted to rapturous applause from their ever doting fans. However, this could be down to the hilarious video that accompanied its release rather than the music itself – this is a video that sees the band transforming into ass kicking superhero cats to fend off agent bulldogs…… a must see.

The first track ‘You are No Fun’ could easily be mistaken for one of their early recordings, with its explosive opening and vivaciously crunchy riffs. Albeit with the masterful DJ’s Lyfe and Kilmore missing from the assembly the likes of Skrillex are at hand to help gett a touch of that 90’s Incubus.

This makes for a good start to what will be their eighth album release since the infamous ‘S.C.I.E.N.C.E’ hit the shelves, back in September 1997. And Brandon hasn’t lost his voice. That ever so similar version of Faith No More’s ‘Mike Patton’ is ever present thought and still holds a youthful tone. This could also be said for some of the lyrics.  However, the arrangement of the tracks seem a little clumsy and don’t throughout as you would expect, it just seems to plateau, which could disappoint. 

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The bands early influences of Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Soundgarden are also ever present, but with that stamp of Incubus branding. Heavy drums together with by funky bass and top rifts are neatly projected throughout most of the album, but like the arrangement it just doesn’t feel quite.  

The heavy drops are there but the nothing like ‘A Certain Shade of Green’ or ‘New Skin’, which, at the time of the birth of NU Metal, were ground breaking, fresh and interesting. The element of something new and different, even with Skrillexs’ influence, lacks somewhat. The lyrics are juvenile in places and with the album being a take on the Down Side of Love, it seems ‘8’ is geared towards younger fans. However, that being said the hard-core fans of Incubus will find sanction in a few of the tracks.

Easily their best album since turn of the 00’s, it seems as if Incubus have found form in tracks such as ‘Nimble Bastard’; ‘You are No Fun’; ‘Throw out the Map’; ‘Loneliest’ and ‘Undefeated’, but as above, they aren’t breaking barriers with this release.  

With the release done Incubus are busy form May though to October, when they’ll be touring Summer with Jimmy Eat World; Judah & the Lion; Good Charlotte and Maroon 5.


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