Rock n’ roll revivalists The Blue Dawns have added to a long-running series of four-track EPs, released through local label Glass Door Recordings. Active since 2014, the band began busking on the streets of York, UK and have garnered recognition for their DIY plug-in-and-play attitude. Check out the video below for 2014’s ‘Refuse to Follow’, performed live on the banks of the River Ouse.

Comprised of Ross Mcleod (bass, vocals), Ben Porter (guitars) & Jordan Maher (drums), the three-piece state on their Facebook page that they make music because ‘it’s bloody fun’ and have a passion from the ‘depths of their souls’. Popular among independent acts, the band adopted a pay-what-you-want business model through Bandcamp, with all four of their EPs available to download.

So here we have their fourth EP, ‘The Open Road’. Opener ‘Always the Same’ is funnily enough, more of the same that the York lads have been jamming since the debut EP – classic rock hooks that are sure to cause a confident foot stomp.

As we dive deeper however, there’s an apparent mellow approach to the tracks that follow. There’s a prominent soft rock/country feel throughout ‘The Promised Land’, with its laid-back grooves that explode without warning into stints of uptempo, American deep-south rock.

‘Just a Game’ continues the mellow vibes – finger-picked, noodly guitar lines provide the track’s backbone, with Ross Mcleod’s soulful vocals neatly weaving in and out. The title track closes the EP and is priorly uncharted territory for the trio. Continuing the deep-south influences, they swap out the electric guitars for acoustic, however keeping to their ethos of punchy, melodic hooks with a good infusion of classic rock sensibilities.

It’s always a fun time when new Blue Dawns music rolls around. As ever, they continue to deliver quality and passionate material through a respectable model, in order to get their music out there to be heard. Spread the word, these guys deserve more recognition.

‘The Open Road’ EP is available now via Glass Door Recordings.

The Blue Dawns

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