‘Human Manuals’ is the debut EP from ‘Cannibal Animal’, the trio from Hull specialise in the frenzied psych-grunge of their contemporaries God Damn, Drenge and Pulled Apart by Horses, contrasting all-out-aural-assault with effects-soaked spectres within the classic loud/quiet/loud structure.

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Opener ‘Pincushion Postcard’ seems to condense the whole of Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys into a single song. A lurking descending bassline transforms into a punky anthem that only ever propels itself faster and faster.

The doom-laden ‘I Feel Alive’ is a frantic thrash with an urgency to rival the emergency services on speed.‘Cracked’ and ‘Fall Down’ are filled with the raging snotty hooligan repetition favoured by Slaves and riffs so sludgy they threaten to solidify and stop the songs entirely.

Lead single ‘Grand Theft Manual’ is the overall standout track here though. Sounding like The Horrors covering Ace of Spades, the furious bullet-spray of drums lead to the opening lines “I can always do the right thing, but I could do wrong”. The migraine-inducing chorus featuring the questioning refrain “why do you wanna save me?” When turning their hatred in on themselves, ‘Cannibal Animal’ claw you in close and scream down your throat, because no matter what’s been eating them, ‘Cannibal Animal’ will eat you whole.

‘Human Manuals’ is out now via Warren RecordsCannibal Animal 'Human Manuals'

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