The latest offering by The Flight is both unsettling and accessible, the combination of the simplicity of melody, the uniform stability of the rhythm section and fractured vocal work in the same way as any good horror film. Subvert what the audience are expecting, surprise them and throw into question what they think they know is true, do it in a familiar context and the results are even more effective. Old fashioned colloquial language coupled with honeyed vocal tones only adds to the overall unnerving effect, melodiously macabre, delightfully dark. Gone are the breathless Lana Del Rey vocals of their earlier releases and in their place is a more plaintive heartfelt, even desperate sounding vocal style which seems more authentic than the previous offerings.

Sarah is a strong lead track, more upbeat and accessible than the rest of the EP but hints at a darkness below the surface. My Love sounds like PJ Harvey with its off-key guitars and countryside imagery, the taboo subject matter is not your typical ‘my love’ song  “my love is hanging from a tree”, strange fruit indeed. Tears Run Dry is the weakest song on the EP but still delivers its story and mood well. The Fury is the stunning track to finish with, a brooding ballad of retribution, revenge and maybe a little regret. Big instrumental breaks explode in between a confession of murder, depicting the contrast between the love and the fury which the track is about, awesome. Terrific stuff reminiscent of Nick Cave’s Murder Ballads LP.

And just a note on the cover art, brilliantly capturing the essence of the EP, it is just a picture of a face but its close proximity and the way we are intruding into the personal space of the model makes it a perfect metaphor for the feel of the music which it is accompanying. This is the sound of a band opening its heart, not sure of what will happen. They have trusted us with a glimpse into their dark guilty souls, invest in this EP and you may just thank them for it.

‘Sarah EP’ out now via Apologetic Recordings Ltd

This ‘The Flight’ article was written by Richard Dunn, a GIGsoup contributor

The Flight 'Sarah' - EP REVIEW

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