Born in Florida, Alexander Luke Bahta grew up in Broward County. Now he is based in NYC ; signed with Mermaid Avenue (responsible for bringing you Tei Shei, Pumarosa and the Hinds) and is on a roll making moves in the music industry. From writing, performing, producing and engineering his own EP to executive producing with Santagelo on his new album; he is already proving to be an interesting musican.

Quiet Luke’s debut EP album is a roller coaster from start to finish. Bold R&B and electronic elements inventively woven together with smooth, harmonious vocals create a stunningly introspective EP album. In his interview with Fader magazine (link) he describes his work as:

An exploration of the modern ego and of the warlike nature of love

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The introduction, “Arrowhead”, eases in with deep, pulsing bass, electronic synth and is driven by a catchy, rhythmic beat. The focal point of the track are the vocals, layered with ambient harmonies they set the tone and urban vibe for the rest of the album.

“Where U Were” is perfectly complemented by the introduction and carries on where it  left off, with haunting electronic synth melodies fleshing out his soulful lyrics. Hypnotic vocals throughout, “Where U Were” sounds better everytime it’s listened to. The texture of this song alters halfway through, with the rhythm lifting into a cooler, more upbeat level. With touch of grungy guitar and prophetic lyrics, the tone is set for the next song.

The aptly named “Escapist” kicks off with a fresher, more straightforward vibe. Immediately enjoyable with more electronic synth (proving to be a consistent theme across the entire album) and earthy vocals soaring over cool guitar riffs.

Developing further from the previous songs, “The Shortest Distance” gives a rounded finish to the album, lyrics wise. The music is rather playful, with a western feel at the start,  and a video game vibe at around the two minute mark; Alternative perhaps, but interesting to listen to! Again, smooth harmonised vocals take center stage, giving the final track a sense of freedom.

This EP has been lovingly produced, his passion and craftmanship evident throughout. The music demands not just to be listened to, but to be truly heard as a reflective, intimate piece of art. Perfect for roadtrip playlists or chilled out house party music, “Beholden” is versatile, easy listening and inspiring.Quiet Luke 'Beholden' EP

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