Jakob Pek’s experience with travelling the globe is making him a sensation in experimental pop.

Throughout his journey around the world, he’s made note of the history, heritage and culture of his surroundings. Not only has he visited third world and Middle Eastern countries for pure leisure; he’s performed at well-established venues in capital cities – the Haight Ashbury Street Fair in San Fransisco, for example, was graced with a sold-out concert with Jakob as the headlining act.

Released May 4, 2017, his EP ‘Acoustic Medicine’ combines teachings from people’s different ways of life internationally with audio production practices never before heard.

‘Sweet Melody’s Memory,’ the first track of the album, is, by far, the most superior of the EP. He
shows the listener how savvy he is at playing the violin: doing this, he injects substances of world, classical and folk music into his creation.

‘Surrendered to Grace’ takes an interesting turn for the better, in that Jakob displays his natural
talent for acoustic guitar playing. It leans more towards a North American sound, overall.

‘Angel’s Piece’ is the perfect track for meditation sessions. It carries a vibe similar to that of
an East Indian spa, mentally healing anyone who listens to it.

‘Acoustic Medicine’ is out now via Suspect Studios.

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