Walking into Dingwalls located in Camden, the mood is pretty relaxed, which is the perfect setting for opening act Norma Jean Martine’s silky smooth vocals and engaging performance. Set highlight ‘Wuthering Heights’ is a song she wrote to be ‘quintessentially British’, as she originally hails from the US, and is a breathy declaration of love sung over a gently plucked acoustic guitar.

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Beginning her set with the murky and moody ‘Muddy Waters’, the crowd are enraptured with LP’s performance from the the very start, with plenty of humming and singing along to go around. Segueing straight into ‘Strange’, the harmonica performance from LP midway through the song adds another element to the performance and elevates the show from being just another gig. Breaking out her biggest song ‘Lost On You’ midway through her set has the audience going crazy: arms that refuse to stay by people’s sides and lungs that are belting out lyrics throughout. The track lifts the room and the performance from then on is heightened. “You’re maniacs!” laughs LP at the end of the track, clearly euphoric at her fans reaction tonight, although they’re equally eager to hear songs from her upcoming album also titled ‘Lost On You’.

A feeling of intimacy and sharing secrets pervades the atmosphere tonight, and LP divulging a fair few new tracks within her set feels special. ‘Old Days’ has a retro feel to it, and has LP bringing out a ukulele to flex her impressive vocal range on top of whilst ‘Tightrope’ has a swelling sadness and a sprinkle of whistling to it. A particular highlight from the collection of new tracks is ‘Dead Town’, a wailing and sticky song that is sure to hang around in your brain for days after you hear it.

A gaggle of fans have flown all the way from Poland to be at the show tonight, and they’re nothing but dedicated, crafting love hearts that say ‘thank you’ to wave during the set. It’s obvious to see how much LP means to the people in this room, from casual fans having a night out to the die-hards right up at the front, and the music and performance does not disappoint anyone. Disappearing briefly before returning for an encore after chants of “LP”, ‘Lost On You’ is played again, and it’s wonderful. It’s refreshing to see an artist perform the fan-favourite song more than once in a set with no room for arrogance, and it seems LP enjoys the second performance as much as her fans do, even sneaking a quick selfie in with the crowd to remember the night by, and with the release of her album coming up soon it’s almost certain that the same people in this room tonight will be back to see her again knowing all the words.

LP - Dingwalls, London (5th December 2016)

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