Pictures courtesy of Charlotte Hickmott.

Underher rolled into London for their first headline show in the UK, taking over the ithe Shackwell arms. The duo composed of Italian-Canadian singer-songwriter Jessica and Tunisian-Canadian producer Kalden were keen to show off their deep and at times ambient sound. Fully focussed on the show, nothing would throw them off not even a synth board on a table which was too low for Kalden. A problem soon fixed with a 20 pack of Stella to prop it up.

The pair slowly built up their set with. The duo making a great team with Jessica’s slow hypnotic vocals and Kalden’s varied beats, which made a good use of percussion from classic woodwork to the sound of fruit being eaten. The dreamy nature of their music made it well suited for a wednesday evening or perhaps performing in front of an aquarium tank.

If the early part was chilled the pair took care to end their set with a bang. The final period taking on a much darker and harder tone, getting the crowd dancing and was a great way to close off the set.

You can check out Underher’s set at Phi Centre Hall here.

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