As Wakey!Wakey! began his set at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall, it only took a few notes on the 1978 Baldwin Baby Grand Piano to know that it would be a night of good music. In the beautiful beginning piano intro to his song “Brooklyn” Wakey! Wakey! took control of the room. The room was intimate with the crowd seated at tables behind Wakey!Wakey! at the piano. Michael Grubbs who performs under the name Wakey!Wakey! impressed with strong vocals teamed with the piano in his second song of the night “Adam & Eve.”

The song “War Sweater” was a highlight of the night. It is a powerful song with strong lyrics. After a producer of the CW hit series One Tree Hill heard this song at an open mic night he featured the song in an episode of season six of the show. This ended up resulting in Wakey!Wakey! getting a role in the show as Grubbs where a number of his songs were featured including BrooklynLight Outside, and Almost Everything.

Backyard Concert

One thing that amazes me about music and concerts is its ability to bring people together. The intimate setting at Rockwood Music Hall created this feeling of familiarity. About five songs into the show Grubbs between songs asks the crowd “Why does this feel like a summer night in my backyard?” Through music, jokes, stories, and beautiful piano styling’s Wakey!Wakey! made a room full of strangers come together and feel like friends hanging out. He even joked about starting a club for these shows at the Rockwood every 3 months.

New Projects

At the show Grubbs announced that he is working on some new projects. These projects are different from what we are used to with Wakey!Wakey! as long as under a different name. That is all the announcement we got but stay tuned. Another new project is with a release of new content via a patreon account for subscribers. With the creativity and passion Grubbs has with music it is something to keep an eye on and will most likely be good.

Wakey!Wakey! Music

If you want to see true talent on display Wakey!Wakey! is a can’t miss show. Songs like Light Outside, Dance so good, Heartbroke, and more will leave an impact for you and a concert you will remember. He credited his mom as a music teacher and how he was introduced to music. If you want to see someone who loves music Michael Grubbs puts that on display with every song.

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